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Natural products research provide incomparable source material to diverse fields of natural science such as drug development, ecology, metabolomics, or plant physiology. The huge number of chemicals have been considered as fascinating resource for the research fields. However, the chemical diversity of natural products and their large dynamics in concentration has been a big obstacle to make them ready for real utilization. Also, there are more difficulties for natural product research… Read more...

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Considering the status of natural product research in the past we could deduce current problems to be solved in the future as follows.
1. How to improve production yield of natural products?
2. How to obtain reliable source of natural products independent from source material?
3. What are the roles of natural products in organisms?
4. What are the media alternative to water or lipid in organisms?
In order to try to tackle problems our Natural Products Lab has following subgroups... Read more...

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You may find in this research platform: Database of phytochemicals, Spectroscopy data of natural products, Information of natural product scientist for recruiting, Position available in Natural Products Laboratory, and more.

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